Regarding the fate of HIDDEN HUNTRESS

Hi Lovely Readers!

Many you know that the fate of my novels was a bit up in the air due to the closing of my publishing imprint, Strange Chemistry, in June. I am very happy to be able to announce that Strange Chemistry’s parent, Angry Robot, will be keeping my contract for The Malediction Trilogy. This means that HIDDEN HUNTRESS  is back on track for publication in the spring of 2015, although I still don’t have an exact date yet.



My thoughts on social media, working, and fan art…

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or on Facebook may have noticed that I don’t share a lot of details about my personal life on social media. Even before I became a published author, I was not one for putting my personal information out for all to see, but it became a rule for me once I signed my book contract. This isn’t because I don’t want to talk and connect with other authors and fans of my books, because I do. I love chatting with people who have read my novel (I try to respond to all @s), and I also like chatting about writing, reading, the world, and celebrity gossip. But I don’t want to talk about my personal dramas, what my other half does for a living, or how cute my best friend’s baby is.


Because I don’t actually know most of you. IMHO, social media gives a false sense of knowing people, but the reality is, what we see of each other online is an edited version of ourselves. It’s what we want people to see. How we want to portray ourselves. Being “friends” with someone on social media is NOT the same as being friends with them in real life. And while most of the people I chat with on Twitter are probably lovely normal people, the fact remains that I don’t know whether they spend their free time running a halfway house for orphaned one-legged puppies or axe murdering people in the dark alleyways.  So while it might not make me the most interesting person to follow, I’m telling you now, my personal life is never going up on social media for the axe murders to see.

And all that said, I’m now going to tell you a bit more about my life, but now you’ll understand why I’m vague on certain points.

I have a job other than writing. It is the job that pays my bills, because contrary to what the masses believe, writing novels pays dreadfully unless you make it to the big leagues. Which I haven’t (Yet!). The job that I currently have requires me to be in a small city way up in the north of Canada for three weeks at a time, and during those weeks I work every single day. I try to fit in about four hours of writing work each night, but that doesn’t leave time for much else. Like Twitter, Facebook, guest blogging, reading, or sleeping. It’s really hard work, but it’s worth it to me because I love writing and having people read what I write.

Anyway, I just flew back to Calgary last night (I’m here for a week!), and one of the most exciting things about getting back was that I got my very first piece of fan art in the mail.  The lovely Maleah & Bethany of SG Designs created a necklace inspired by Stolen Songbird.

IMG_1119IMG_1117 IMG_1115












This was really exciting for me for several reasons. The first is that I have zero creative skills (other than writing), so I’m always really impressed by people who can draw, paint, design, etc. The second is, I GOT A GIFT! And who doesn’t like that. But the third and biggest reason I was so excited was that it was a real and tangible sign that people are reading and enjoying my novel. I write for myself, but I publish because I want people to read about and connect with the stories in my head. And the fact that someone is willing to use their free time to create something inspired by my work is unbelievable. Overwhelming to the point I can’t even articulate all the feels buzzing about my brain. The same goes for people who take the time to Tweet, Facebook, or email me about how much they enjoyed Stolen Songbird. Maybe there will come a day where hearing that stuff doesn’t have an emotional impact on me, but that day is hard to imagine. Frankly, I hope I never get used to it!

So THANK YOU to everyone who has contacted me about my novel. YOU are the reason I am willing to suffer through sleepless nights to meet my deadlines for Hidden Huntress. YOU are what I love so much about being in this business.