Character Guide



Cécile de Troyes – (seh-SEAL de t-wah) Farm girl destined for the opera stage in Trianon

Tristan de Montigny – (TRIS-tuhn de MON-teh-knee) Crown Prince of Trollus


Aiden du Chastelier – (AY-duhn) Regent’s son

Albert – (al-BAIR) One of Cécile’s guards in Stolen Songbird

Alexis de Montigny, III (deceased) – King of Trollus during The Fall

Anaïs d’Angoulême – (ah-nah-EES  AHN-goul-em) Tristan’s friend; known to be one of the most powerful trolls alive

Anushka – (uh-noosh-kaa) Witch who cursed the trolls

Catherine (La Voisin) – (KATH-rin) Witch living in Trianon

Clarence – (KLAIR-rence) Crippled troll. Illuminator.

Christophe (Chris) Girard – (KRIS-tawf) Farmer in Goshawk’s Hollow.

Cogs – Half-blood miner in Tips’s crew

Damia, Dowager Duchesse d’Angoulême – Anaïs’s grandmother.

Duke d’Angoulême – (AHN-goul-em) Extremist known for his distaste of humans and half-bloods. Anaïs’s father.

Élise – (eh-LEES) Cécile’s half-blood servant

François Bouchard – Banker in Trianon. Subscriber to the Trianon Opera House.

Frédéric (Fred) de Troyes  – (freh-duh-REEK) Cécile’s brother

Fleur – Cécile’s horse

Genevieve de Troyes – (ZHAWN-vee-EHV or jeh-nuh-VEEV) Opera star. Cécile’s mother.

Gran – Cécile’s paternal grandmother

Guillaume – (gee-YOAM) One of Cécile’s guards in Stolen Songbird

Jérôme Girard – (jeh-ROME) Farmer in Goshawk’s Hollow. Chris’s father.

Josette de Troyes – Cécile’s sister

Julian – (JOOL-lee-uhn) Opera singer and ward of Genevieve de Troyes. Cécile’s costar.

Justine – Soprano in Cécile’s opera company

Lamia de Montigny (deceased) – Queen of Trollus during the Fall

Lessa – Tristan’s illegitimate half-sister.

Louis de Troyes – (loo-ee) Cécile’s father

Luc – (Luke) Young man who kidnaps Cécile. Originally from Goshawk’s Hollow

Madame Delacourte – Cécile’s vocal teacher

Marc Biron, Comte de Courville –  Tristan’s cousin and close friend

Marquis – Genevieve de Troyes’s patron

Martin -Fourth Librarian in Trollus’s library

Marie du Chastelier – Regent’s wife

Matilde de Montigny – Queen of Trollus and Tristan’s mother.

Pénélope d’Angoulême (deceased) – (peh-NEH-lo-pee) Anaïs’s sister and Marc’s wife.

Pierre – (pee-yair) Crippled scientist. Mentor to Tristan

Regent – Regent of Trianon.

Roland de Montigny – Tristan’s younger brother. Known for his violent insanity and hatred of humans and half-bloods.

Sabine (suh-BEEN) – Innkeeper’s daughter in Goshawk’s Hollow. Cécile’s best friend

Souris – The dog

Sylvie Gaudin, Duchesse de Feltre – (SEEL-vee) Tristan’s aunt. Conjoined twin of Queen Matilde.

Thibault de Montigny – (TEE-bo) King of Trollus and Tristan’s father.

Tips – Half-blood miner

Victoria de Gand, Baroness de Louvois – Tristan’s friend.

Vincent de Gand, Baron de Louvois – Tristan’s friend.

Xavier de Montigny, II (deceased) – Known as The Savior. Ascended to the throne at age 16 after Anushka killed his father, Alexis

Zoé – (ZO-ee) Cécile’s half-blood servant

  1. Those listed as deceased died prior to the events of STOLEN SONGBIRD