Character Guide

Guide to the Characters of The Malediction Trilogy

I’ve included the French pronunciation for the names, as well as links to audio, which I find more helpful. Many of these names have quite different pronunciation in English, which might be more familiar to you. I use both pronunciations interchangeably, because, as an English speaker, the French pronunciation doesn’t always roll off my tongue 😀 Use whichever sounds better to you!

Aiden du Chastelier – (ay-DUH(n) doo shah-tel-YAY) Son of the Regent of Trianon.

Albert – (al-BAIR) One of Cécile’s guards.

Alexis de Montigny, III – (ah-lehk-SEE dih mohn-ti-NYEE) King of Trollus during The Fall.

Anaïs d’Angoulême – (ah-nah-EES dah(n)-goo-LEHM) Daughter of the Duke d’Angoulême. Close friend of Tristan, and key member of the sympathizer revolution.

Anushka – (uh-noosh-kaa) Witch who cursed the trolls to the confines of Trollus after The Fall.

Catherine – (kah-TREEN) Witch living in the Pigalle district of Trianon. Known by the moniker La Voisin (the neighbor).

Cécile de Troyes – (seh-SEEL dih trwah) Farm girl from Goshawk’s Hollow destined for the opera stage in Trianon.

Clarence – (clahr-AH(N)S) Full-blooded troll responsible for Trollus’s illumination.

Christophe (Chris) Girard – (kree-STAWF zhee-RAHR) Son of a farmer in Goshawk’s Hollow, and friend of Cécile.

Cogs – (cawgs) Half-blood miner.

Comtesse Báthory – (coh(n)-tehss bah-toh-REE) Famous murderous and member of the Duke d’Angoulême’s inner circle.

Comte de Courville – (coh(n)t dih coor-VEEL) Chief advisor to King Thibault. Marc’s father.

Comtesse de Courville – (coh(n)-tehss dih coor-VEEL) Famous composer and pianist. Marc’s mother.

Damia, Dowager Duchesse d’Angoulême – (dah-MEE-ah doo-SHESS dah(n)-goo-LEHM) Anaïs and Pénélope’s grandmother.

Édouard, Duke d’Angoulême – (ay-DWAHR, dook dah(n)-goo-LEHM) Powerful full-blooded troll and extremist known for his distaste of humans and half-bloods. Anaïs and Pénélope’s father.

Élise – (ay-LEES) Cécile’s half-blood maid while she lives in Trollus.

François Bouchard – (frah(n)-SWAH boo-SHAHR) Banker living in Trianon.

Frédéric (Fred) de Troyes  – (fray-day-REEK dih trwah) Cécile brother. Second-lieutenant in the Regent of Trianon’s army.

Fleur – (fluhr) Cécile’s horse.

Genevieve de Troyes – (zhawn-vee-EHV dih trwah) Star of the Trianon Opera and Cécile’s mother.

Gran’ de Troyes – (grah(n) dih trwah) Cécile’s paternal grandmother.

Guillaume – (ghee-yoam) One of Cécile’s guards.

Jérôme Girard – (zhay-ROAM zhee-RAHR) Farmer in Goshawk’s Hollow who does business with Trollus. Christophe’s father.

Josette de Troyes – (zhoh-SET dih trwah) Cécile’s younger sister.

Julian – (zhool-yah(n)) Opera singer and ward of Genevieve de Troyes.

Justine – (zhoos-TEEN) Soprano at the Trianon Opera House.

Lamia de Montigny – (lah-MEE-ah dih moh(n)-ti-NYEE) Wife of King Alexis de Montigny, III, and Queen of Trollus during The Fall.

Lessa – (less-A) Half-blood servant in the Angoulême household. Illegitimate daughter of King Thibault de Montigny.

Lord Lachance – (lah-SHA(N)SS) Advisor to Regent of Trianon.

Louis de Troyes – (loo-EE dih trwah) Pig farmer in Goshawk’s Hollow. Cécile’s father.

Luc – (LUKE) Young man who kidnaps Cécile.

Madame Delacourte – (de-lah-cohrt) Cécile’s vocal teacher .

Marc Biron – (mark bee-ROH(N)) Heir to the Comte de Courville. Tristan’s first cousin and closest friend. Leader in the sympathizer revolution.

Marquis – Genevieve de Troyes’s patron.

Martin – (mar-TAH(N)) Librarian in Trollus’s library.

Marie du Chastelier – (mah-REE doo shah-tel-YAY) Wife of the Regent of Trianon.

Matilde de Montigny – (mah-TIL-deh de MON-teh-knee) Queen of Trollus and Tristan’s mother.

Pénélope d’Angoulême – (pay-nay-LOHP dah(n)-goo-LEHM) Well-regarded artist, and daughter of the Duke d’Angoulême.

Pierre – (pee-yair) Full-blooded troll scientist who tracks earthshakes and their impact on the magic supporting the rock above Trollus. Tristan’s mentor.

Regent – The Regent of Trianon.

Roland de Montigny – (roll-AH(NG) de MON-teh-knee)Tristan’s younger brother.

Sabine – (suh-BEEN) Innkeeper’s daughter in Goshawk’s Hollow. Cécile’s best friend.

Souris – (soo-REE) Dog belonging to the witch Catherine.

Sylvie Gaudin, Duchesse de Feltre – (seel-Vee goh-DAH(N), doo-shess dih fehltr) Seer and conjoined twin of Queen Matilde.

Thibault de Montigny – (tee-BOH dih mohn-ti-NYEE) King of Trollus and Tristan’s father.

Tips – (TIPS) Half-blood miner and leader in the sympathizer revolution.

Tristan de Montigny – (treess-TUH(N) dih mohn-ti-NYEE) Crown Prince of Trollus. Secret leader of the sympathizer revolution.

Victoria de Gand, Baroness de Louvois – (veek-TOR-ee-ah dih gah(n), bah-ron dih loo-VWAH) One of ‘the twins’. Close friend of Tristan and a member of the sympathizer revolution.

Vincent de Gand, Baron de Louvois – (van-sah(N) dih gah(n) bah-ron dih loo-VWAH) One of ‘the twins’. Close friend of Tristan and a member of the sympathizer revolution.

Xavier de Montigny, II – (gzah-VYAY dih mohn-ti-NYEE) Known as The Savior. Ascended to the throne at sixteen after Anushka killed his father, Alexis III.

Zoé – (zoh-AY) Cécile’s half-blood maid.