Book 2 of the Malediction Trilogy: Title and Blurb Reveal!

BIG NEWS! Stolen Songbird’s sequel has a title and a blurb, and the exclusive reveal is over at Books Bones,and Buffy! To make the day even more fun, we have a prequel short story I wrote called The Songbird’s Overture, which takes place four years before the events of Stolen Songbird. I wrote the story as a tool to help me with some of the content in the second book, and I thought it turned out well enough to share with fans of my novel. I hope you enjoy it!



Interview: Can you give us a teaser about book 2?!?

Danny over at Bewitched Bookworms interviewed me for the blog today. We talk about Cecile, Tristan, and Marc, and she does her best to extract a bit of info about Stolen Songbird’s sequel.  Bewitched Bookworms also included me in their love letter event a couple weeks ago, and I wrote a love letter from Marc to his lost love, Pénélope, which you can read here. Danny also wrote a fabulous review for Stolen Songbird, which you can read here

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Interview: Who is your all-time favorite witch, good or evil, from any piece of fiction? + Giveaway!

Some people have serious skills when it comes to asking creative interview questions, and Jenny at Supernatural Snark is one of them. When I got her list of questions, I tossed aside my schedule and started working on the answers right away. She’s also giving away a signed copy of STOLEN SONGBIRD (North America) if you needed more incentive to stop by the blog. If you need more incentive than that, I’ll give you a hint about someone I talk about…