STOLEN SONGBIRD and the lack of stock…

Quite a few people have been asking me lately what’s up with the lack of availability of paperback copies of Stolen Songbird, and expressing general frustration that orders they’ve placed on Amazon, etc. back in December still haven’t been filled. Believe me, I’m sympathetic, because NO ONE is more frustrated about that fact than me. Writing is how I make a living, so if there are no books for sale, you can guess how well that’s working out for me.

As far as WHY there is no stock, this is the story in its basic form. Stolen Songbird was originally published by Strange Chemistry on April 1, 2014. In June of 2014, Strange Chemistry was closed by its owner, Osprey, because of its inability to carve out a position in the YA market (not making money). The contracts of all Strange Chemistry authors were cancelled, but the company would continue to sell existing titles until physical stock was depleted. No more books would be printed. Needless to say, June was a pretty shitty month for all involved.

HOWEVER, I was lucky enough to have Stolen Songbird and its sequels picked up by Strange Chemistry’s parent, Angry Robot Books, in early August, which meant I still had a book contract (yay!). Around that time, Stolen Songbird sold through its first print run, which meant that the warehouse had no more books in stock, but there were still copies on Amazon and in book stores. Normally that would mean a publisher would order more books printed, BUT Osprey, who owned Angry Robot, had decided to put them up for sale and would not be injecting any further capital into the company. Which meant no books were being printed, for me or for any other AR author. This was shitty news.

Some tense months followed, but then Happy Day!!, Angry Robot was sold to Watkins Media, which meant a slow progress back to business as usual. Editorial was back on track, covers were in the works, and books were going to the printers. Yay!

Except nothing happens quickly.

Stolen Songbird is at the printers, but actually getting the books has taken substantially longer than expected. I’ve been told that this is related to branding changes on the cover and interior (Strange Chemistry to Angry Robot), and the expected arrival date in the warehouse is February 6, at which time all backorders will be filled and everyone will be happy. Hopefully after that, everything will be smooth sailing for everyone involved.

So hang tight, loyal readers, your books are on their way. But if you can’t wait (<3), Amazon still has Stolen Songbird up for $1.99 on Kindle, and its sequel, Hidden Huntress, is available for that nice discounted preorder price in both eBook and paperback formats.


I am so excited to finally be able to share the cover for HIDDEN HUNTRESS with everyone! It was designed by the same artist who did STOLEN SONGBIRD‘s cover, Steve Stone, and I could not be happier with the results. When we first started talking about the design of the cover, I mentioned that I really wanted it to feature Cécile at the opera house, and pointed everyone to my Pinterest board featuring inspirations for the novel. The opera house in the novel is loosely based on the Palais Garnier in Paris, which, as you will see, bears a strong resemblance to the theatre on the cover.



Not only did they use my Pinterest board for background inspiration, they also used it for details like the gown Cécile is wearing, the black lace gloves she uses to cover her bonding marks, and her hairstyle.

So without further ado, here it is! Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!

Cover Art by Steve Stone @ Artist Partners

Cover Art by Steve Stone @ Artist Partners


Paper copies of STOLEN SONGBIRD have been in limited supply for the past few months due to the ownership of my publisher changing hands, but MORE have been printed and will soon be available. In the meantime, they are giving away a bunch of copies to celebrate HIDDEN HUNTRESS’ cover reveal. Follow the links to enter!

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I am unfortunately unable to provide advance reader copies for review. Please direct requests to my publisher, Angry Robot Books.

Rerun Monday: Love Letter from Marc to Pénélope

So, I’ve heard it going around that there are quite a few Marc fans floating around – some who think he might have been a BETTER love interest than poor Tristan! He’s also one of my favourite characters, so when Bewitched Bookworms asked me to be a part of THE BIG LOVE LETTER EVENT last year, I knew this was my chance to write something for everyone’s favourite troll.

For those of you who haven’t read the novel yet, Marc is Tristan’s best friend and cousin, and he lost the love of his life a couple years prior to when the novel begins. The poor guy is only 19, and he’s suffered a world of hurt already.


Dearest Pénélope,

It has been two years to the day since I lost you, and there are still moments when I swear I hear your laughter filling the corridors of our home. Mornings where I wake and turn my head, certain you will be beside me. Times when I half-imagine I can still feel the whisper of your emotions running through my mind.

But the house is silent.

Your side of the bed is cold.

And my heart and mind are empty of anything but my own hurt, the enduring pain of your loss written across my fingers in a black far darker and more permanent than any ink. I never intended to live a moment past the one in which your heart stopped beating – was sure that the bond linking our souls would mercifully pull me from this world so that I’d never have to know a life without you. Was I a coward to want that? Perhaps. I was certainly a fool to believe that would be how it would transpire, because when has life, or fate, or friend ever been kind to you and me? They call us the broken ones – those marked by isolation, darkness, and iron, but I never saw you that way. And you were the only one who never saw me that way. So if my desire to be where you are makes me a coward, then so be it. It was what I wanted. But the choice was taken away from me, and there have been times over these past years when I hated Tristan for forcing me to live a life I did not want. And then there are times…times when I do not know what I feel.

Especially now.

Change has come to our unchanging city – a wind whipping through streets that have not seen the elements in five hundred years. The Duchesse has spoken a prophesy promising a route to freedom, and it has come with the face of a flame-haired human girl named Cécile. She’s been bonded to Tristan, and in her, he’s more than met his match. I know you and he rarely saw eye-to-eye, but she’s changed him, and I think you’d better like the man he has become. The King we need him to be. And because of her, I think he better understands why you and I made the choices we did. For that, Cécile will always have my goodwill, for she has reconciled the two people I care for most. I wish you could meet her. I wish you could be here to see the change, experience the energy, and feel echoes of hope thrumming through the hearts of those who have never before known it.

But instead you are two years in the grave, and I can blame no one for your loss other than my own self.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve cursed myself for acting on my feelings for you, because if only I’d limited myself to the bounds of friendship, you would still be alive. By loving you, I killed you, and that guilt weights heavily upon me. Yet when Cécile asked me today if I would bond you again, knowing what I do now, I said I would. In a heartbeat. The words came out as only the truth can, because in my heart I know those short months I spent bonded to you were worth a thousand lifetimes of hurt. And I let myself remember when you told me that you’d rather risk a short life in love than an eternity alone.

If it is as the humans say, and there is a life beyond, I’m sorry that I’m not there with you.  But I find there is  a spark within me that must see this revolution through. I cannot say if we will succeed, or how long it will take, but know that even if it takes a lifetime, my love for you will not diminish. And when my time comes, never doubt that if there is a way for us to be together again, I will find it.

That is my promise.



Originally posted on Betwitched Bookwords – The Big Love Letter Event

Character Interview & International Giveaway

The wonderful Melissa of the blog, The Reader and the Chef, is part of 25 days of Book Boyfriends, and she has graciously chosen to feature Tristan via a character interview. She is also giving away a signed copy of Stolen Songbird and a preorder of Hidden Huntress (which should be up on all major retailer sites before the end of the month, for those interested).

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