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I’m insanely excited (and nervous!) to finally share the first two chapters of WARRIOR WITCH over on AlexaLovesBooks! I’ll stop talking now so that you can all click that link :D


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WARRIOR WITCH hits shelves on May 3, 2016, and to help prepare all my loyal readers for the big finale, I’m hosting a read-along that will begin February 11, 2016 on my Goodreads discussion group.

The format is as follows: On each scheduled day, I will provide a summary of the chapters we’ll be discussing (so if you get a bit behind, you can still participate!) along with some FUN discussion questions. Participants can provide answers to as many (or as few) of the questions as they wish. Readers can also ask ME questions related to those chapters and I’ll do my best to answer them all.

I will provide fun facts for each of the chapters, as well as a video or post containing extra content. Readers can unlock EVEN MORE additional content by answering the discussion questions. Once we reach a certain (yet-to-be-determined by me) number of answers, I’ll post the extra content (New Tristan POV scenes, anyone?).

Readers who answer AT LEAST ONE of the discussion questions are eligible to receive signed WARRIOR WITCH swag by emailing me your name, mailing address, and the thread/date of the question you answered. Only one swag pack per person, and it’s open internationally. (danielleljensen (at) This giveaway will run through the length of the read-along.

Each week, my publisher, Angry Robot Books, will select a winner from those who have participated who will receive a copy of WARRIOR WITCH once the finished copies are ready! (International)

At the end of the read-along, a grand-prize winner will be selected from amongst the participants, and I will send that individual a signed and ANNOTATED copy of STOLEN SONGBIRD. (International)

STOLEN SONGBIRD Read-Along Schedule
Each week will have its own thread

Chapters 1-5 – Feb 11, 2016
Chapters 6-11 – Feb 18, 2016
Chapters 12-17 – Feb 25, 2016
Chapters 18-23 – Mar 3, 2016
Chapters 24-29 – Mar 10, 2016
Chapters 30-38 – Mar 17, 2016

People are entitled to their own opinion, good or bad, but anyone who creates unnecessary drama will get kicked out of the conversation :)

And a reminder that WARRIOR WITCH is available for preorder with all your favourite retailers :D



First Page of WARRIOR WITCH!

So those of you who follow me on Instagram or Goodreads have probably already seen this, but for the rest of you, here is the (not quite final) first page of Warrior Witch!



My voice, the one thing about me that had always been valued, suddenly seemed inconsequential in the cacophony of voices filling the courtyard. Questions and demands fought with the cries of those whose nerves had collapsed in the face of this unknown adversary, their collective onslaught driving me back step by step until I stood apart in the snow.

Tristan raised one hand, silencing the din. “Your questions will be answered, but not here and not now.” To the grim-faced Regent, he added, “Assemble your counsel. We’ve plans to make and time is short.”

“You presume to give orders to me, boy?” the Regent replied, his tone as chilly as the air. He alone seemed calm, and I almost admired him for it, given that he must have known what, if not who, Tristan was. Almost, because I knew his scorn was directed at the one boy capable of saving us all.

Tristan’s flash of frustration made my teeth clench, and a prickle of unease burned between my shoulders, causing me to glance in the direction of Trollus. How soon would they come? And what would they do when they arrived? They were questions that likely sat heavily in Tristan’s mind, and both of us knew we didn’t have time to stand in a courtyard arguing.


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Sometimes, one must become the unimaginable

The witch is dead, the curse is broken, and the trolls are free of their mountain prison. Cécile and Tristan have accomplished all it was foretold they would, but their greatest challenge remains: defeating the evil they have unleashed. Because the trolls are not the only creatures now free to walk the world.

Enclosed within the safety of Trianon’s walls, Cécile and Tristan scramble for a way to protect the people of the Isle and liberate the trolls from their tyrant king. But Cécile and Tristan both have debts, and they will be forced to pay them at a cost far greater than they had ever imagined.

The thrilling conclusion to the breakout Malediction Trilogy by Goodreads Choice finalist Danielle L. Jensen.


Cover Art by Steve Stone @ Artist Partners

WARRIOR WITCH releases May 3, 2016, and it is available for preorder at your favourite retailer

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