HIDDEN HUNTRESS Art Competition! Calling all artists!!

OKAY! Here are the details of the HIDDEN HUNTRESS art competition. I’m the judge (I think? Right?) so art counts as anything you made yourself that I can somehow look at over the internet via photo or video. Lots of you have sent me really awesome work over the past year, so I know I’m going to have great stuff to look at.

The Rules:
The Hidden Huntress Fan Art Competition will be hosted by four blogs and each will cover four different topics:

The Social Potato – Humans http://thesocialpotato.maryfaye.net/…/hidden-huntress-fan-…/

The Qwillery – Architecture (Trollus, Trianon, the castle and the opera house) http://qwillery.blogspot.co.uk/…/hidden-huntress-fan-art-co…

BookCatPin – Witches, including Cécile http://bookcatpin.blogspot.co.uk/…/introducing-hidden-huntr…

The Reader & The Chef – Trolls http://www.thereaderandthechef.com/…/hidden-huntress-fan-ar…

There is no limit to how many times you enter the competition! Just remember that you must submit according to each blog’s topic.

To enter, just post your fan art through any social media using the hashtag ‪#‎HHArtComp‬ and send the link to the host of the topic you chose. They will be sharing your entries through social media as well once you send them your link.

This competition starts today and ends on July 12 at midnight. If any artwork is deemed offensive it will be disqualified from the competition.

There will be FOUR winners in this Fan Art Competition.
The grand prize winner will receive a signed copy of the completed Hidden Huntress manuscript, a personal Skype chat with Danielle L. Jensen and a shiny Robot trophy for their shelf!

Three runners up – one from each of the other blogs – will win a robot trophy.

All winners will be entitled to a free ebook ARC copy of the third book in the trilogy before it is published in 2016.

Video from the Hidden Huntress launch party!

Life lesson: never let your younger brother video at your launch party, because he will do so from the most unflattering angle possible :)

Here is some video of me chattering away and reading a bit at the Hidden Huntress launch party at Owl’s Nest Books. Feel free to count the number of times I say “really, really”. Enjoy!


A massive thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who hosted me over the past few weeks! In case you missed any posts, here is a roundup:

Where is my copy of Hidden Huntress?

I was hoping things would work out and I could avoid writing this post, but alas, I have not been so fortunate. So MANY of you wonderful readers who preordered HIDDEN HUNTRESS paperbacks have been receiving notices that you won’t get your books until after June 30. The reason for this is that the books went to print in the U.S. later than they should have. As a result, my distributer (Penguin Random House), moved the release date to one where they could be certain books would be in bookstores (June 30).

HOWEVER, thanks to some great work by the Angry Robot sales guru, the books made it into the PRH warehouse on May 25 and were immediately shipped out to retailers, who will be receiving books this week and next. BUT many of the retailers still have the June 30th date in their system, so until that refreshes, they are telling buyers they won’t get their books until after that. All that being said, you SHOULD get your books long before that June 30th date.

I know it’s super frustrating for those of you who have been waiting to catch up with your favourite troll, but please hang tight a little longer.



Where to get signed copies of Hidden Huntress

For those wanting personalized and signed copies of Hidden Huntress, this post is for you. Owl’s Nest Books is hosting my launch party on June 9th at 7pm. If you are local, please please come and make me feel popular. You can buy books there and I will sign them for you. But if you are out of town, fear not! Order a copy through them prior to my party, and I will personalize and sign them that night. Shipping in Canada is a flat rate of $10,  and shipping to the U.S. is actual cost (usually $10-$12, in my experience).  The opportunity is only available until June 9 :)