Interview: How would you cast Stolen Songbird?

Today’s stop on the tour is over at Morphys’ Books, where I’m asked a question that is often posed to me: What actors/famous people do you picture for your characters? Mainly Cecile, Tristan, Marc and Anaïs?

If you’re curious about my answer, please stop by. And if YOU have thoughts on who you’d cast as my main characters, please leave them in the comment section 🙂

Interview: What other monsters lurk beneath the mountain?

Kate Ormand, author of the forthcoming DARK DAYS, has graciously posted an interview with me on her blog today. This interview is a bit different, because it is actually a transcription of a series of emails that passed between Kate and me. We talk about about the inspiration for the sluag and more! Please head on over and check it out.