My hopes for WARRIOR WITCH as it hits shelves May 3

Sometimes, one must become the unimaginable

Hello Readers!

Well, it’s finally here. After six long years of sweat and tears, the final chapter of Tristan and Cécile’s journey is about to hit shelves. As always, I’m excited/terrified at the prospect of readers diving into my new book baby, but more so this time, because this is THE END.

I’ve had the ending of Tristan and Cécile’s story in my mind for many years. It was written in detail in the synopsis I provided for the then untitled third book when I sold STOLEN SONGBIRD to Strange Chemistry/Angry Robot in 2013, and while much of what I provided in those summaries changed, the ending stayed the same. It was the goal I was writing towards: a series of scenes that were incredibly vivid in my mind, and which flowed onto the page like magic when I finally was able to write them.

I tried to write a trilogy that contained all the elements of storytelling that I enjoy: fantasy, romance, intrigue, and a bit of action. But the heart of the plot has always been about making hard choices that have terrible consequences no matter which direction the characters go. At the end of HIDDEN HUNTRESS, Tristan and Cécile made a choice that will impact not just their friends and family, but everyone living on the Isle. WARRIOR WITCH is the fallout of that decision. It is Tristan and Cécile fighting for a very fragile dream. It’s about making mistakes and having to live with them. It’s about paying the price for the path that they, together, chose to follow.

The ending was deeply emotional for me, and I hope it will be the same for everyone who reads it. I think it will inspire many different feelings amongst readers, but as long as it makes you FEEL, and feel hard, I will be content that I’ve done my duty as an author.

Thank you all for the amazing support and love you’ve given my story and characters over the years.



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