New Stolen Songbird Scenes!

As part of the STOLEN SONGBIRD read-along, I’m providing lots of extra content, including some new scenes/chapters, most of which I wrote just for this event. Here is a list of what has been posted so far:

Tristan Meets Cécile: A chapter from Tristan’s point of view that details the events prior to the moment his game with Anaïs is interrupted, as well as his first impression of his future wife.

Tristan Prepares for the Bonding Ceremony: A chapter from Tristan’s point of view detailing the events leading up to Cécile’s arrival in her wedding dress, as well as his reaction to the elixir.

A Prequel Chapter from Pénélope’s Point of View: Approximately two years prior to the events of Stolen Songbird. For fans of Marc, this is a must read!

The Deleted Prologue: The prologue was from Tristan’s point of view, and it was the scene in which his aunt received the foretelling/prophesy.

Please join in the read-along! Each week, Angry Robot will be giving away a signed copy of WARRIOR WITCH to one of the participants in the discussion threads, and at the end of the read-along, one participant will win an annotated and signed copy of STOLEN SONGBIRD.