Where to find me at When Words Collide Aug 14-16

I’ll be at the When Words Collide conference in Calgary August 14 – 16

Friday 5 PM – Canmore
Creating Believable, Unique Young Adult Characters
Edward Willett, Janet Gurtler, Danielle L. Jensen, Trina St. Jean
How to tap into characters that today’s youth will find relevant and want to read about. These writers share how they built the characters in their own stories and how they think that building characters for young readers is the same or different from characters in other genres.

Saturday 1 PM – Bonavista
Romance for Teens
Clare C. Marshall, Nicole Luiken, Avery Olive, Danielle L. Jensen
Authors talk about the magic of first love and romantic story lines coming alive on the page. What place does romance have in an adventure story, and will a romantic story line turn off the boys? Are romantic story lines a time honoured tradition, or are they changing to meet the future?

Saturday 3 PM – Canmore
Sequels and Trilogies, 1-2-3
Brandon Mull, Edward Willett, Kristi Charish, Danielle L. Jensen
Authors discuss how to write successful sequels and series – how publishers decide whether a book deserves a follow up, how to develop a story arc over multiple books and how to leverage your fan base to get your stories read.

I unfortunately won’t be at the signing event on Saturday night, but I’d be happy to sign your book if we cross paths during the conference.