STOLEN SONGBIRD and the lack of stock…

Quite a few people have been asking me lately what’s up with the lack of availability of paperback copies of Stolen Songbird, and expressing general frustration that orders they’ve placed on Amazon, etc. back in December still haven’t been filled. Believe me, I’m sympathetic, because NO ONE is more frustrated about that fact than me. Writing is how I make a living, so if there are no books for sale, you can guess how well that’s working out for me.

As far as WHY there is no stock, this is the story in its basic form. Stolen Songbird was originally published by Strange Chemistry on April 1, 2014. In June of 2014, Strange Chemistry was closed by its owner, Osprey, because of its inability to carve out a position in the YA market (not making money). The contracts of all Strange Chemistry authors were cancelled, but the company would continue to sell existing titles until physical stock was depleted. No more books would be printed. Needless to say, June was a pretty shitty month for all involved.

HOWEVER, I was lucky enough to have Stolen Songbird and its sequels picked up by Strange Chemistry’s parent, Angry Robot Books, in early August, which meant I still had a book contract (yay!). Around that time, Stolen Songbird sold through its first print run, which meant that the warehouse had no more books in stock, but there were still copies on Amazon and in book stores. Normally that would mean a publisher would order more books printed, BUT Osprey, who owned Angry Robot, had decided to put them up for sale and would not be injecting any further capital into the company. Which meant no books were being printed, for me or for any other AR author. This was shitty news.

Some tense months followed, but then Happy Day!!, Angry Robot was sold to Watkins Media, which meant a slow progress back to business as usual. Editorial was back on track, covers were in the works, and books were going to the printers. Yay!

Except nothing happens quickly.

Stolen Songbird is at the printers, but actually getting the books has taken substantially longer than expected. I’ve been told that this is related to branding changes on the cover and interior (Strange Chemistry to Angry Robot), and the expected arrival date in the warehouse is February 6, at which time all backorders will be filled and everyone will be happy. Hopefully after that, everything will be smooth sailing for everyone involved.

So hang tight, loyal readers, your books are on their way. But if you can’t wait (<3), Amazon still has Stolen Songbird up for $1.99 on Kindle, and its sequel, Hidden Huntress, is available for that nice discounted preorder price in both eBook and paperback formats.