Rerun Monday: The Real Life Inspiration for Forsaken Mountain

Those of you who’ve been following my blog tour posts and interviews are very well aware of the fact that STOLEN SONGBIRD was inspired by a dream I had about a city buried in rubble. Those of you who’ve really been paying attention will know that Forsaken Mountain was inspired by a real mountain in the Canadian Rockies, but also that I’ve been cagey about the details. Well, it’s past time my reticence ended.

Turtle Mountain


(click on photo for credits)

In 1903, 82 million tons of rock collapsed from the summit of Turtle Mountain and buried a portion of the town of Frank, which did (and still does) reside in the valley below. An estimated 90 people were killed, and it remains the deadliest rockslide in Canadian history. This lovely video clip gives a pretty spectacular look at what the rockslide looks like today.

(Source: The Government of Alberta)

I’ve driven past this historical site more times than I can count on my way to go camping or snowboarding, so it’s no surprise that it popped into my mind when I considered how my imaginary city might have been buried in rubble. Of course, because STOLEN SONGBIRD is a fantasy novel, I took a few liberties with the truth. Forsaken Mountain is BIGGER. It is next to the ocean, not landlocked. And it is mined for gold, not coal. That said, I hope this post helps give readers a nice visual idea of what I imagined the setting of STOLEN SONGBIRD to look like, and hopefully a greater appreciation for what the trolls’ magic is capable of.


*Rerun Monday’s are when I post guest posts that I wrote for bloggers during Stolen Songbird’s launch. This post originally ran on Rainy Day Ramblings